Our Approach

Alfredo believes that food is love. He cooks the food that he also loves to eat. His wife, mother and grandmother have all lent their skills over many years. These influences have all had an impact on the style of food we prepare.

Our Story

More than eight years have passed (September, 2010) since the opening of That's Amore in Collingswood, NJ. That's Amore burst onto the Collingswood food scene just as the "restaurant row" on Haddon Avenue was beginning to take shape.

Everything was going great until the restaurant experienced a devastating flood that caused serious water damage.

We do intend to reopen our Collingswood location. It will be brighter and better than before. Our intention is to open up as soon as we possibly can. Our plans are to continue to renovate the space and add open-air windows to make the dining experience deserving of that corner spot. This of course is entirely dependent upon the outcome of our insurance claim.

Meet The Chef — Alfredo Fischioni

Alfredo first began cooking when he was a teenager learning to cook from his mother and grandmother. He later went on to school to learn business, and then to become a chef.

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Alfredo Fischioni

Executive Chef

Contact me via phone by calling (609) 760-1873

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