Our Menu


$8.00 | Classic Caesar Salad*

Romaine lettuce topped with Parmigiano shavings and olive oil crostini with our homemade Caesar dressing. | Add balsamic glazed chicken  $7.00

$8.00 | Tuscan Field Greens*

Mixed greens with honey goat cheese, dried cranberries and walnuts with creamy balsamic dressing. | Add balsamic glazed chicken  $7.00 

$8.00 | Insalata Caprese*

Slices of fresh mozzarella and tomatoes with olive oil and balsamic drizzle. served with creamy balsamic garlic dressing.

$18.00 | Calamari Caesar Salad

House Favorite and Specialty. Classic Caesar salad topped with tender, fried calamari, Parmigiano shavings and sweet vinegar pepper strips. Prepare to say "Wow".


$5.00 | Soup of the Evening

$4.00 | Garlic Loaf

$7.00 | Garlic Loaf with Cheese

$9.00 | Arancini di Riso Cesira's (my mom's specialty.  Seasoned rice stuffed with fresh mozzarella cheese and lightly fried. served with classic red gravy and Parmigiano shavings.

$11.00 | Panzanella

Traditional bread salad with a twist. Our version has fresh tomatoes, olive oil and pesto, tossed with toasted garlic bread.

$9.00 | White Bean Hummus Duo*

Duo of white cannellini bean hummuses. One topped with roasted red peppers and the other topped with roasted garlic and lemon aioli. Served with homemade toasted olive oil crostini.

$9.00 | Polenta Fondue

Seasoned polenta cubes, deep fried and served with our "near famous" red gravy for dipping.

$9.00 | Goat Cheese Pillow of the Day*

Pillow of honey goat cheese topped with the chef's daily imaginings. served with olive oil crostini.

$14.00 | Roasted Veggie Platter*

The season's freshest veggies, roasted, grilled and chilled, topped with a honey goat cheese crumble, grilled veggie salsa and balsamic drizzle.

$8.00 | Fried Pizza

It's fried bread with red gravy and melted mozzarella cheese. How bad could it be?

$9.00 | Carciofi Fritti

Baby artichokes stuffed with honey goat cheese and lightly fried. Served with red gravy.

$14.00 | Pommes Frites of the Evening

Popularized in the "fry shops" of France and Belgium, these twice-fried potatoes are topped with a different combination every night!

$12.00 | Risotto*

Creamy arborio rice tossed with your choice of grilled veggies, baby shrimp or pancetta and peas.


Pasta Dishes

$14 | Create Your Own Pasta Dish

Choose your pasta

Penne | Rigatoni | Bowties | Orecchiette

add $00.00 | Choose one of these

Potato Gnocchi, Tortellini or Homemade Linguine, Spaghetti, Fettuccine, Pappardelle or Whole Wheat Linguine. 

Gluten Free? Consider Risotto for a slight up-charge.

Pick Your Sauce

$14.00 | Meatless Red Gravy*, Garlic and Oil*, Butter & Garlic*, Spicy Arrabiata*

$16 | Alfredo Sauce*, Danish Blue Cream*, Pistachio Cream*, Blush Sauce* (Garlic Cream and Pancetta*), Sundried Tomato Cream*, Pesto Cream* (Basil, Parsley, Garlic, Locatelli Cheese, Cream), Roasted Red Pepper Romesco* (Pureed Roasted Peppers, Garlic, Oil), Vodka (Red Gravy, Russian Vodka, Sundried Tomatoes, Cream, Red Pepper Flakes), Salsa Cruda* (Chopped Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella, Olive Oil, Garlic and Basil), Forno Style* (Red Gravy and Seasoned Ricotta. Topped with Mozzarella and Baked)

$18.00 | Butternut Squash (Mushrooms and Marsala Wine*), Carbonara* (Cream, Pancetta, Peas and Parmigiano Cheese), Bolognese* (Finely Ground Beef and Carrots, Red Gravy and Cream), Caponata (Sweet and Sour Eggplant, Kalamata Olives, Capers, Raisins, Red Gravy)

Pick an Add-In

$4.00 | Meatballs

$5.00 | Sausage*

$5.00 | Chicken*

$5.00 | Pulled Pork*

$5.00 | Baby Shrimp*

$5.00 | Grilled Veggies*



Classic Italian Dishes

Served with penne. Choose home-made pasta, risotto or gnocchi for a slight up-charge.

$18.00 | Eggplant Rollatini

My wife Lydia's favorite. Fried eggplant slices stuffed with ricotta and mozzarella and baked to perfection.

$18.00 | Tilapia

Francais style topped with salsa cruda over Parmigiano risotto.

$18.00 | Chicken Parmigiana

Lightly fried and topped with our red gravy and toasted mozzarella.

$18.00 | Chicken Francese

Egged & lightly fried, sautéed in butter, lemon and white wine.

$18.00 | Chicken Marsala

Floured and sautéed in butter, mushrooms and sweet Marsala wine.

$24.00 | Florentine

Francese style with spinach, mozzarella & garlic cream over risotto.

$24.00 | Milk-Fed Veal Parmigiana

Lightly fried and topped with our red gravy and toasted mozzarella.

$24.00 | Milk-Fed Veal Francese

Egg dipped & lightly fried, sautéed in butter, lemon and white wine.

$24.00 | Milk-Fed Veal Marsala

Floured and sautéed in butter, mushrooms and sweet Marsala wine.


House Specialties

$21.00 | Chicken Nico

Cooked in Marsala wine and topped with mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and artichoke hearts, served over risotto.

$22.00 | Chicken Luca

Lightly fried cutlet, topped with eggplant, ricotta and mozzarella, served over Italian risotto.

$23.00 | Tortellini Luisa

Wild forest mushrooms, caramelized shallots, mascarpone cheese and a touch of white wine.

$26.00 | Veal Olivia

Breaded medallions topped with eggplant caponata and mozzarella, over Italian risotto.

$24.00 | Salmon*

Grilled with butter, lemon & white wine or balsamic fig glaze, served over Parmigiano risotto.

$22.00 | Parmigiana Combo

Layered meatballs, peppers, sausage, fried eggplant and bread, topped with mozzarella.

$26.00 | Sunday Gravy

Our Signature Dish. A tradition in Italian households, usually served Sunday afternoons after church, but we serve it here everyday! Sausage, meatballs and slow-cooked pork-on-the-bone, served over penne.


Chef's Table Choices

$35.00 | Chef's Table (For parties of 6 or more) 2 salads, hot and cold appetizers, pastas, meat and fish entrees & mini cannoli

Your whole table must participate. Can't decide what to eat? Looking for a taste of everything? Tonight, you and your guests will take center stage as the chef prepares an array of delectable creations of his choosing...just for you. So sit back, relax, un-cork a bottle and eat till you're stuffed like a chick pea. Features 8+ items including dessert...and we won't stop till you say "Zio"...(that's Italian for "Uncle").

$50.00 | Chef's Table (for parties of 8 or more.) 2 salads (including fried calamari Caesar salad), cold appetizer, hot seafood appetizer, standard and upgraded pastas, veal entrée, salmon entrée and 2 desserts

Take Home An Extra Treat

Take home a quart of gravy, meatballs or soup

$8.00 | Gravy

$12.00 | Meatballs

$12.00 | Soup

*Denotes selection can be made gluten free. $15 minimum per adult. $8, minimum per child during dinner service. Separate check fee $3/per check. Maximum of 2 credit card splits on any check. 20% gratuity may be added on parties of 5 or more. Outside dessert fee $3/person, Entrée sharing fee $15.